Jannel Zip-Up Poly Bags – Tap Shut and Zip Away

Sturdy Jannel Zip-Up Reclosable Bags are quick sealing and safe. They adjust to just about any shape contents and won’t pop open under pressure. From small parts and precious jewelry, to single layer or fold over handle styles. Single layer styles can also be made with JanStrip™ bulky documents, fashion items, metals, wood and samples of any kind – you name it, these bags can take it.

Jannel Zip-Up Poly Bags range in length from 2” X 2” to 24” X 24”. Generally stocked in 2 mil & 4 mil thicknesses, many sizes are available in 6 mil thickness. Custom printed bags are available up to 6 colors and in many types and styles. Many Jannel Zip-Up Poly Bags are also stocked with pre-printed white blocks for easy marking.

To request a complete Stocking List, just email sales@jannel.com


Jannel Zip-UP Lab Specimen Bags

Jannel Zip-Up Lab specimen bags area easy to use, easy to open and close, and versatile. They have clearly seen information boxes for easy check-off, identification, and accuracy. They come with a convenient pouch to carry important paperwork. Available for immediate shipping in two standard sizes:

W Size L
6" X 9"
8" X 10"

Custom prints and sizes are available.

For Customization go to Jan2Order™>

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