Jannel Tape Closure Poly Bags – The Seal of Approval

Sturdy Jannel Tape Closure Poly Bags give you the versatility of a permanent or re-sealable seal. Permanent seals will not open until the contents are ready to be removed. So nothing is lost and everything is gained -- secure shipping and handling, privacy, protection and more. Even bulky items travel safely.

Re-sealable bags are ideal for applications where protection is needed, but the contents can be viewed multiple times

Jannel Tape Closure Bags can be made clear or opaque, in a variety of materials and formats. Sizes range from small 3” X 4" bags to roomy 30” X 36” bags. To accommodate bulky items, these bags can be made with expandable bottoms. To get the strength you need, film thickness range from 1.5 mils to 4 mils. And these top quality bags can be printed with up to 5 colors using the PMS color matching system.

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