Jannel Reclosable Bags Are An Open And Shut Case For Quality

If you’re looking for reclosable poly bags that won’t let you down, you must look at Jannel’s Reclosables, the truly dependable storage bags. Use them to package small parts, hold appliance instructions, protect photographs, collector items, legal documents, software, and in numerous other applications. They’ll lay flat and consistently seal properly

Jannel Reclosable Poly Bags can be made in a wide range of sizes and closures. The polyethylene material used here is available in thicknesses from 1 mil to 6 mils. These top quality bags can be printed with up to 5 colors using the PMS color matching system.   

Jannel Reclosable Poly Bags can be hole punched, supplied with doorknob hangers, handles, gusseted, and wicketed. They can also incorporate write-on blocks.

And You Have A Choice Of Closures

JanStrip™ Envelopes with VELCRO® brand closure system


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