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Jannel's extraordinary range of packing list envelopes and poly bags is second to none. Just check out the category you are interested in, and watch how fast Jannel can fill your order. Dual language choices in Spanish/English, Portuguese/English, and French/English.

Packing List

The enormous selection of pressure-sensitive packing list envelopes by Jannel features clean, clear and/or opaque colored poly... Read more

Invoice Enclosed | No Print Envelopes | Speciality Print Envelopes | Velcro® Closure Envelopes

Jannel Poly Bags

Opaque 3-layered; polyethylene security pouches; water repellent; tamper-evident; tearresistant; protects documents and goods in transit; permanent or resealable adhesive; single or double perforations ... Read more


Jannel Poly Bags

The very best of the basics. The choices in Jannel poly bags have everyone covered, nicely. Strong and good looking, the thickness gauge ranges... Read more

Clear Poly Bags | Opaque Poly Bags | Die Cut Handle Misc

Reclosable poly bags: Velcro®* - JanStrip™ | Zip-Up | Tape


We’ve coined a high style name for our high quality customization services:Jan2Order™ -- our special way of taking your special design ideas and making them happen on Jannel’s distinctive products....

For Customization go to Jan2Order

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