Jannel Top Load No Print Envelopes

Like to work from the top down? Having difficulty inserting muliple forms? No problem. Jannel's strong, versatile Top Load Envelopes keep your insertions moving right along while giving you the top notch security you need.

Top Load Style

JP-19NP (7.5" x 5.5")

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Top Load Style

AB 107 P

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Item No. W Size* L Additional Info Case
Style* Wgt
 PR-15 7"  X 5.5"   1000 T/L 10.5
 JP-19NP 7.5" X 5.5"   1000 T/L 11.3
 JP-956 9.5" X 6"   1000 T/L 15.6
 AB 107P 10.75" X 6.75" Printed w/red dots & Perf. Top 500 T/L 19.8
*Size Dimensions are outside- deduct ½" for inside dimensions.
*Style: Opening of envelope is on the width dimension.
Packaging: all items are 1,000 per case except where noted.


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