Military Style Envelopes That Know The Drill

When it comes to Military Style Envelopes, Jannel knows exactly what is required. Our line of military style envelopes meets all military regulations, including safety sealing, uniform sizing, government standards, proven security and ruggedness in the line of duty. No matter what the mission, there’s a Jannel envelope to do the job.

Military Specification Style Envelopes

G-20 (5.25" x 8")

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Military Specification Style Envelopes

G-30 (8.5" x 10")

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Item No. W Size* L Additional Information Type* Wgt
 G-20 5.5" X 8" "PLE" w/Orange Face,GSA Style E/L 11.4
 G-30 8.5" X 10" "PLE" w/Orange Face,GSA Style E/L 23.0


*Size Dimensions are outside- deduct ½" for inside dim. 
*Type: E/L - End Load
Packaging: all items are 1,000 per case except where noted.


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